Most of the time we collect pictures when we arrive at our destination. Holidays, family dinners, business trips etc. But this vase captures valuable memories during our ride towards those special events. It’s a great combination between technology and creating memories. The connection between our emotions and technology becomes bigger. Because we see the advantage of technology. In this case the vase makes memories and emotions tangible.

The Capture Vase from Volvo is a photosensitive vase that can capture an image on its surface at your favorite spot. The packaging box of the vase is a pinhole camera. You can take the Capture Vase with to a special place to make the “photo”. The inside of the box is pitch black. When you open the small holes the environment will project on the vase (camera obscura ). This will capture your favorite spot as a picture on the vase in a few seconds.

To make the photo permanent, you have to develop the vase. The packaging box is also a “darkroom” to develop the picture on your vase. Tensions and choices around the product make it special and personal. These experiences make the vase a complete personal adventures driving in your car. The final pictures will remind you of the amazing road trip with friends!
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 23.18.14


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