The birth of a premature child causes a great deal of stress. Parents often sit helpless at home. The powerless feeling and the separation influences the bonding process. The thing they want most is to cuddle their baby. Baboo creates a direct connection between the incubator and the sitting room at home, and provides real-time information about the baby’s condition. The 5 moving elements on top are representing the babies head, arms and legs.
Baboo provides real-time updates at home about the baby in the incubator. Positive parameters (moving, awake, weight and breathing) are used to decrease the stress of worrying and the feeling of guilt. It is about the little things that give hope, strength and the power to continue

A strong example of how technology and our emotions are getting more connected. Technology becomes more human and ‘softer’. Where we used to be afraid of artifical intelligence we now see that our mindset has changed. We now see the advantages of the use of technology how it can really improve our Quality of Life. Baboo supports the emotional and mental bond between parents and baby.



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