Air pollution is not the first thing you experience here in the Netherlands. But there’s always issues about air pollution in other places worldwide, for example Beijing.

During the Dutch Design Week I saw the BB.suit. This exhibition showcases the opportunities of future clothing to contribute to the wellbeing of people living in polluted urban environments. It not only presents the problems around the complicated topic of air pollution, but also introduces high-tech materials, new wearable technologies and innovative production processes.

The BB.Suit uses a patented technology. This technology can split oxygen and water molecules into free radicals. These radicals react easily with toxic gases, bacteria, viruses and dust in order to clean the air. Since our clothing is constantly in contact with the air surrounding us it creates an opportunity to clean the polluted air. The integrated air quality sensor generates location-based data. When combining this data from all the wearers, a precise analysis of the air quality can be made, enabling people to react more effective to the pollution.

The production process of the BB.Suit is based on techniques such as seamless knitting. The combination of the integrated wearable technology and advanced production techniques empowers producers and consumers to contribute to a cleaner fashion industry, with less side-waste and a more conscious and emotional bond between the wearer and their clothing.

You’re becoming a walking purified air bubble. source
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 15.54.16





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