At the Dutch Design Week 2014 I, together with a group of students, selected a few important Trends. One of them is Stimuless. 
Stimuless shows us that we are surrounded by stimuli nowadays : for example buzzing phones, information overload or air pollution in big cities. Stimuless is a trend that shows a growing need for products or surroundings that take away present stimuli. By taking away those distractions we create clear spaces for balance and focus.The trend can be described in the following keywords: Focus, balance and stimuli free. A clear signal of Stimuless is The Experience in Motion.

Driving with your eyes closed to sleep a little longer? Reading a book while you’re driving? Having a serious chat with your family while you’re heading to your destination? Turning while you’re in a deep conversation? Parking backwards without looking in your mirrors? Decades from now it will be possible! Volvo thinks the car will drive itself and this experience will give us the possibility to focus on the inside of the car. This innovation will change the standard inside of the car into a new flexible meeting point.
volvocarThe Experience in Motion is designed for ‘meeting’. Because the car is driving itself, we are able to have conversations without being distracted by traffic. This creates space for the social aspect, we can get to know each other. Social bonding inside of the car is Volvo’s goal.

We, as trend researchers, linked this signal to the trend Stimuless because the focus is shifted from the outside to the inside. By taking away the surrounding stimuli from driving, we are able to focus on our conversation and on the people inside. Because we’re unaware of what’s happening outside, we won’t be distracted anymore by stimuli such as traffic lights and other cars. It means we will have a safe space to focus and really connect.


This is a strong example of the trend Stimuless, because all stimuli from the outside are eliminated. This creates a focus on the here and now.



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