This pillow brings communication to a whole different level. Tactile Dialogues consist of a pillow with integrated vibration elements that react to touch. With the object, the maker wants to trigger dialogue between a person with dementia and a family-member, spouse or caretaker.

The language capabilities of people with dementia may rapidly deteriorate. This textile cushion was designed to communicate in a novel way, using touch. It is big enough to be placed on two laps at the same time. The cushion contains vibration motors that react to touch; stroking the textile produces a soft vibration on the other side of the cushion. By playing together the client and care giver, or family members, may together develop their own ‘language’. The cushion can be used in a nursing home, or can be rented out to clients to be used in their own home. Employees of an eldercare organisation, electronic engineers and partners from textile industry are involved in realizing this product and service.

Technology is not the solid and cold element next to us but becomes more ‘human’. I see growth between our emotions and technology. Where we used to be afraid of artifical intelligence we now see that our mindset has changed. We now see the advantages of the use of technology how it can really improve our Quality of Life.



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