Nowadays we are surrounded by stimuli: for example buzzing phones, information overload or air pollution. Stimuless is a trend that shows a growing need for products or surroundings that take away present stimuli. By taking away those distractions we create clear spaces for balance and focus.

Soul Jewels are objects for balance & fulfillment in everyday life. They reduce stress by holding them in your hands and moving the jewels up and down.
Soul Jewels are made of natural materials like wood, stone and glass. This object takes care of your mental state when you’re ready to relax for a moment. As soon as you activate the jewel by moving it up and down a light will show. The light will lead your breath peacefully by telling you when to breath in and out. By following the rhythm of the light you will focus entirely on your breath. This creates a moment of peace, balance and relaxation. Thanks to this focus-moment there is no space for distraction from the outside world.

Source: Dutch Design Week 2014 + twitter


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