One of the things which caught my eye during the Dutch Design Week, was ‘Algaemy‘ by Berlin based Studio Blond & Bieber. “Crafting our future food”.

Algaemy explores the (huge) potential of microalgae within a creative context. For quite some time now this potential of microalgae has been a subject of research in the natural sciences. But the artistic and creative value of this resource remains almost undiscovered.  That was the reason that Studio Blond & Bieber started looking for the aesthetic potential of something considered as weeds in Europe.
DMY-Berlin-2014-Algaemy-Crafting-our-Future-Food-by-Blond-Bieber-03 DMY-Berlin-2014-Algaemy-Crafting-our-Future-Food-by-Blond-Bieber-04 DMY-Berlin-2014-Algaemy-Crafting-our-Future-Food-by-Blond-Bieber-05

This resulted in ‘Algaemy’; an analogue textile printer that produces its own pigment. Which grows surprisingly fast by the way… The beautiful ‘biodynamic colour palette’ of Algaemy textiles changes over time when exposed to sunlight. Green changes into intense blue, pale pink into bright red, and so on. Every piece of textile tells in this way a story over time. After all people change , so do textiles….

A huge improvement for the chemical process; dying textiles in the Fashion industry!


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