15 december the most modern cinema of the Netherlands will open in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. With the newest gadgets like 3D Experience and Dolby Atmos. They take care of a great sound and visual experience.  This new cinema will bring a whole new experience to Eindhoven with 4D effects – tangible effects such as wind and vibration in your seat. This cinema counts 8 halls with almost 1600 seats.

For a large part of the country, myself included, going to the movies is a favorite activity. There’s nothing quite like watching a story unfold on the big screen. Whether it’s a high-octane action thriller like or an intimate and dramatic character study like Flight, a trip to the movies transports the moviegoer to another world — a world of excitement and wonder.

So why do we go to the movies? Sure, the desire to see the newest movie featuring your favorite actor is a driving force of our media culture. What drives people to keep coming back to the movies week after week?

I think part of the equation is the nostalgic feeling that movies possess. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, audiences of all ages packed theaters in droves. In today’s age, a trip to the movies is a common way for teenagers and college students to pass the time. As popular as movies are among our nation’s youth, older moviegoers still regularly catch a film in theaters. The allure of going to the movies never really dies.

While nostalgia is a big part of moviegoing, perhaps the biggest reason to go to the movies is to make an escape. As I noted earlier, a trip to the movies is the perfect way to cast annoyances and troubles to the side. In a distinct way, movies possess a healing power and capability to relieve bad moods in the blink of an eye. To fulfill this constant need and to keep up with technology improvements, we create a more modern way to watch movies like 3D and 4D.

In recent years, nostalgia and escapism have even become part of the movies themselves. Movies are very often a reflection of our society in an exaggerated shape. We can learn a lot from movies, they make a statement or make us conscious from situations such as; politics, planet earth, world health, technological developments, the future etc.



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