We see ‘death’ more and more as a natural element of life and not as ‘the end’. I see more transparency around this emotional theme. We want to create something valuable and memorable with personal input. I see a growing need to personalize and control the funeral as much as possible. An important development is natural burial.

Natural burial is a term used to describe the burial of human remains where the burial area creates habitat for wildlife or preserves existing habitat which are rich in flora and fauna. A biodegradable container that allows the elements to return fully to the soil over time. Where a funeral precedes such burial, it would seek to minimize environmental impact. Because waste is a value for tomorrow and design has got an important role in it’s management. ‘Nothing is lost, nothing is gained, everything is transformed’.

Nowadays we love our pets as much as we love our family. Actually, pets are family. More people decide to create a personal intimid funeral when their beloved rabbit past away. This animal coffin suits the need for a personal goodbye and the awareness of our waste and environment because it’s biodegradable. When the coffin degrades the seeds in the lid start to grow and the dead animal and coffin become nutrition for a new plant.



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