We were already aware of the fashion grandma’s but these Fashionable Grandpas will teach you a thing or two about style.

This is why Instagram is awesome: an account dedicated entirely to seeking out the fabulous ‘fashion grandpas’ of NYC, started by young Fashion PR exec, Christina Belchere, who says her own style of dressing has even been influenced by the grandpas she snaps. “@FashionGrandpas inspires my personal style, the style advice is real & no joke. Colors like mustard, fabrics like wool & cashmere, garment accents like high waisted shorts, cardigans & dress shoes (don’t wear open toed shoes unless you are at the beach)”

That portfolio includes senior citizens in dapper sport coats, colorful slacks and fabulous accessories — think fedoras, casually tied scarves, bow ties, suspenders and pocket squares.

You should always have one aspect of your outfit that shows you have class and one part that makes you look interesting,” Belchere adds. “It is hard for an older man dressed to the nines to not look interesting. If they are wearing a beret or cute bow tie — or if they have a grumpy or confused or sassy look on their face — these things add another dimension to their appeal

After decades of experience and learning about themselves, Fashion Grandpas know what they want, what makes them feel and look good, and if someone doesn’t like it, then they “don’t give a shit”. The amount of fashion grandpas in New York is obscene once you are aware of the concept. Vintage bow ties, pocket squares, and manicured mustaches are currently back in style, but no one wears them better than the gentlemen who rocked them the first time around.

As for why the fashion set is embracing an older generation? Their age and their impeccable style makes them look like they have an amazing story to tell about what they’ve seen and where they’ve been and where they’re going. It’s an amazing new street style sensation showing us men with a very strong appearance and confidence. The catch that’s so endearing is (they don’t) know how stylish they are, and how all of the (young hipsters) are buying marked up look-alikes of their jackets and prescription glasses. They are pure, authentic and my addition: incredible cute. As my own grandpa always said: “every era builds character”.

One thing that I find consistent in a ‘Fashion Grandpa’s’ style is to always look smart. It is a sign of respect for yourself and respect for the people that have to look at you. They teach us a lot and became from ‘a forgotten part of the society’ to role models.

Enjoy:article-2660236-1EA2D9F800000578-126_634x632 article-2660236-1EA2DA7800000578-124_634x632 article-2660236-1ED33F9D00000578-116_634x634 article-2660236-1ED33FB600000578-97_634x631 article-2660236-1ED34ED100000578-761_634x642 article-2660236-1ED336EE00000578-803_634x789 Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 14.47.16



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