Holy *bleeeeep*! What a space! This was my reaction when I visited this crazy-beautiful apartment, situated in a classic Soho loft in NYC, epitomises stylish living. One of the coolest projects going on right now.

The Line is an online boutique launched by a collective of creatives that have the goal of creating a unique shopping experience and I know each time a new e-shop is lauched it’s the same blah blah but this time, they totally got it right.

The-Apartment-NYC-Yellowtrace-17 The-Apartment-NYC-Yellowtrace-18The idea is to have an online store perfectly edited by the super talented Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn. And then the stroke of genius comes in when they decided to extend the experience by opening a “shoppable” apartment in the middle of New York. You can go there by appointment, it’s opened to anyone and you can find anything, buy everything from beautiful art to clothes to toothpaste, all carefully selected to make the coolest distilled collection. Even the closet is for sale! The-Apartment-NYC-Yellowtrace-03

The-Apartment-NYC-Yellowtrace-04 The-Apartment-NYC-Yellowtrace-09The space is divided into several rooms, each filled with a careful curated selection of objects to purchase. The highly edited collection of fashion pieces, beauty products, furniture and design objects all reflect Vanessa and Morgan’s vision “to pare back, strip down, and refine.” They wanted to simplify the shopping experience and pull together a selection of lasting and cohesive products. Built to last but never boring, they created this apartment for ‘their customer’ and they nailed it. APT_102813_1536 The-Apartment-NYC-Yellowtrace-13 Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.36.19

For The Line and The Apartment, it’s about the products that make up a lifestyle, where items are chosen for their unique and special quality. The Apartment, which will be “a changing source of inspiration,” will also be used as a space for discussions, dinners, screenings and workshops. So awesome it hurts.

I love how it blends the online and offline experience, but mostly, I love it because I want to buy everything they have!

In the neighborhood?
6 Greene St., SoHo, New York City. Open through Dec. 23; Wednesdays from 3 to 8 p.m.; Saturdays from 1 to 6 p.m. Invitations upon request online. 646-678-4908. theline.com.



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