In a city like New York is not everything about money turns out…

“Getting your cupcakes at a counter is so five minutes ago”. And cupcakes taste better individually packaged and dispensed at an ATM, right? Well, I’m not sure, but it sure sounds wacky and fun and in keeping with our desire to do all our shopping without the help of humans nowadays! Finally the one hype that New York has been missing is hitting the upper east side.
atm2 atm
















Cupcakes -just like all the other sweet-stuff here in the city- still have a high popularity level and to make them available 24/7, suits the New York lifestyle very well. The question I have, will it still be an interesting product if you offer this in a 24/7 service?

And this is New York, so of course lines of people waited to try out the new machine. Interested to try? Go ahead!



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