… the Library is!

There seems little need for phone booths anymore, but rather than get rid of the iconic red booths in the UK, local communities are using them for new purposes. British Telecom is encouraging towns to turn their phone booths into mini libraries and so far hundreds of communities have transformed their telephone box.


Sure you could download a bestseller onto your Kindle, but libraries are all the rage right now. Swing by one of these pop-up libraries to grab a new book and leave one behind for the next person. These 11little book-lending outposts aren’t as formal as their state-run 11counterparts, but you’ll be sure to find an interesting read!

How? just take a book and leave one behind.


This is a artistic solution to save a bit of history while satiating the curious minds. The classic phone booth was recycled into what has now become one of the country’s smallest library. -Literally- a small movement against digitalization and to honor our book-legacy. Cherish me some hope that more people prefer the authentic feeling and the sometimes little moldy smell of real books – not a fancy e-reader. Cool 🙂



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