First of all, I’ve never been on a Cruise before but people talk about it a lot. And I’m curious why. I think it’s fascination that those ships are floating! Entire apartment building floating of the water, cruising around the most beautiful places.

Cruising during your holiday is big business! The number of holidaymakers choosing a holiday at sea continues to rise. Globally the number of cruise passengers is forecast to reach 21.7 million in 2014 – a modest increase of almost two per cent. Twenty new ships with a combined capacity for 60,000 passengers are under construction between now and 2016.

The continued popularity of cruising owes much to the choice and diversity of cruise holidays on the market. There are not many other vacation options which offer the all-in-one experience like a cruise vacation. While on a cruise you can visit multiple destinations while not changing rooms and having to constantly pack and unpack your luggage. A cruise vacation affords you the chance to enjoy your choice of several entertainment and fine dining options, all which are located steps away from your room.

Cruises offer great value for the vacationer on a budget. Because everything can be purchased in one package, the majority of both your needs and your family’s needs, such as transportation and various accommodations, are included in the price.

Speaking of food, most cruise ships hire top quality chefs and cooks for their kitchens. Many of these chefs studied at very prestigious culinary institutes and come highly recommended. Lines. Most ships offer several cuisine options and several different restaurants.

Many cruises focus on creating a vacation experience for the entire family, offering childcare facilities where children can enjoy activities designed just for them. At the same time, parents can enjoy some grown-up time.
Since relaxation and rejuvenation are often the ultimate goals of any vacation, the pampering options onboard a cruise ship make it an easy choice for the weary traveler. Massage, sunbathing, free childcare, spa treatments, and hot tubs are just a sample of the pampering options that can be expected on a cruise ship.

Many people choose cruises for their vacations because of their value, food, pampering, and family friendly, all-in-one atmosphere. Romance, variety, reunions, new experiences, and simplicity also rank high on the list of reasons for choosing a cruise vacation. No matter the reason for choosing one, a cruise is a great value, offering relaxation and fun in a family-friendly atmosphere with good food and entertainment all in one unique location.


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