The world around us is changing rapidly. Breakthroughs in technology will bring changes we cannot now even imagine. It is easy to get carried away by all the new influences and possibilities. What is needed is an objective way of thinking, a neutral state of mind. Nature is neutral; it gives and takes. We are rethinking our influence and our place in the world of nature. We see nature as the base, as the foundation, it is a fact and it is safe. As a result we create a desire for an untouched natural environment.The understated elegance of the interior gives a neutral look and a timeless feel. The interior brings peace of mind through the use of natural materials, neutral
colour and transparency.

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LIZ CIOKAJLO, London based designer, presents a truly futuristic concept of footwear. She uses natural materials combined with new technologies in her Ma Natural Collection Shoes. It is a product signal of the trend Essence of Nature because: more and more natural materials are being used in items and products in an experimental way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 14.51.10










Another example of the trend Essence of Nature is ANTOINE BRIDIER-NAHMIAS. He turns his attention to this particularly phenomenon – suddenly, under his attentive eye, those unwelcome microscopic mushrooms reveal their beauty and become strangely fascinating in his project Magical Contamination.

It is a product signal of the trend Essence of Nature because: It urges you to give in to the things beyond your control, to accept nature and see how inherently magical it is. It pops out of nowhere within the city, your house, your fridge – in the same way it might have done centuries ago – and at the same time reminds us of our consumer behaviour.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 14.51.21


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