Over the last couple of years, we lived in times of crisis. But now we have had enough. We want to show wealth. We want to exaggerate. Our living areas are becoming more and more extravagant, we ‘play wealth’. This translates into playful luxurious design. Modern objects are placed on pedestals and under cloches; they are taking a prominent place in our living areas. We aspire and romanticize a life of prosperity to experience an enriched lifestyle.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 16.07.34For example the Landrover Defender is a customized Land Rover with a whole load of different things inspired by various countries. This gives the customized Land Rover Defender an extravagant look.

It is a product signal of the trend Glorify Today because: what Studio Job did was make the car more, in fact even more, valuable. The car represents the excess of diverse values that is given to the car in different countries. Studio Job used very expensive material, and an excessive amount of it, for customization. The function of the car, actually driving it, becomes secondary.

Or the The Pre-fall of Louis Vuitton was an extraordinary window. The golden dinosaurs are an interpretation of ancient times. Louis Vuitton worked together with Jardin des Plantes to produce an exact copy of real dinosaurs gilded in gold.

It is a product signal of the trend Glorify Today because: Louis Vuitton captured the real value of ancient times through the excessive gilding of the dinosaurs.


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