Due to digitalization and high-tech we are becoming more and more interwoven with technological devices. We have become used to the fact that we are online 24/7. We are constantly in contact with our highly functional but soulless devices. We long for materials and products that excite our sensesI in a binary system-dominated society. Sensitivity and tactility are more important than ever to stimulate our creativity and imagination. This translates into experimental usage of material and playful combinations of colour, textures, smells and taste. Next to the intensive contact with high-tech devices that enriched our lives in so many ways, we now want to be surprised and stimulated by the things we taste, smell, hear, see and feel.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 15.25.49

A great example of this trend is COEXIST. This is a furniture collection made up of rubber molds made by Nynke Koster. The furniture are molds of various locations in the building of the ‘Koningklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten’ in The Hague. The rubber molds became the fine line between art and furniture. The rubber carpet is a mold of the doors ‘Porta del Paradiso’ by Lorenzo Ghiberti.

It is a product signal of the trend SURPRISING SENSES because: rubber is a flexible and very bendable material. We are not used to walking over carpets made of materials other than wool, fur or animal skin. By walking barefoot over the rubber carpet with lots of relief you will most likely have a surprising experience.



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