I Tradizionali” are illustrated tattoo-recipes which can be applied on one’s forearm. The idea of combining recipes with the traditional tattoo-culture is what inspired the project’s name and the tattoos’ illustrations. For this first time in history, this project has added tattoos to culinary culture. To create a new jargon to combine these two cultures, the project has creatively mended the tattoo-tradition with traditional recipes.

Passing down recipes is part of every country’s traditional culture. With “I Tradizionali”, however, exchanging recipes becomes an even more enjoyable experience. Not only do they assist older generations in passing down family recipes to their children, but they also introduce a new way of spreading traditional, good and healthy recipes to literally anybody. Funny is that the tattoo also emphasize the common gesture of “rolling-up one’s sleeves” before cooking.

This concept is not yet manufactured and has a project running on a kickstarter site, but for the Italian market. Nutrition interest is growing rapidly. In this concept we express our appearance in Food. And its a fact that we use our bodies to express who we are. To communicate our culture, wealth, age or identity. Or in this case; “I am a food lover”. These days we can create the identity we want to be by using our body.

“The project steers from the traditional behaviour of following cook books. Rather, it puts our bodies at the core of cooking. This idea has clearly inspired the illustrations which are also used to demonstrate how the recipe is done.”
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 14.44.50
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 14.47.23


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