Appreciation, admiration, and embrace of private origin and tradition; in a culture dominated by brand machines, where globalization is no longer a development but a fact, uniqueness is more important than ever. Uniqueness is found in the own heritage; every consumer enjoys local traditions. The search to your own roots and the curiosity of other peoples roots. Glocalization of products runs rampant, ancient traditions, rituals, and habits are rediscovered and enriched by the power of the diversity with which people are surrounded with. Back to the roots and a comeback of local products, products with a sense of place and tradition in a world dominated by globalization. It’s about finding our roots and spreading our wings towards other cultures.

The Israeli designers Odes Sapir and Ariel Zuckerman combined technology and tradition. The result is the Knitted Lamp, a knitted bag holding a lamp.Knitting wool threads in fixed patterns creates a three-dimensional sheet of fabric all which serves as a lighting fixture.

It is a product signal of the trend ROOTS AND WINGS because: the Israeli designers Odes Sapir and Ariel Zuckerman combined technology and tradition. The traditional Israeli and Jewish knitwear becomes an accessible design product.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 18.08.44


Raul Arribas, a Spanish designer, was very curious about the Swedish traditions. He found out that there were two major Swedish traditions: glass blowing and coffee. By using a Swedish glassblower he developed an unique percolator and coffee set.

It is a product signal of the trend ROOTS AND WINGS because: Raúl Arribas used old Swedish traditions to create this design. Sweden & Coffee is the result of a collaboration between a Spanish designer and a Swedish glass blower. They both used their cultural background for the design process: the Swedish glass blowing art and the cork, which is typically Spanish. Two cultures emerging together.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 18.09.08


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