Ted Noten is one of the most influential Dutch jewellery designers working in the Netherlands today. He is known for his solid acrylic handbags, necklaces and brooch. According to Noten “I got fascinated by the stains on the streets made by chewing gum that has been spat out. People either look for holes in the pavement to get rid off their gum, or they approach a building and spit it out on the steps before entering. These are places where the density of stains clearly thickens. It made me consider the relevance of such observations to my work as a jewellery maker”.

You would chew the gum  into any shape of brooch you liked and send it back to his studio and he could cast a replica in gold, silver or bronze. A small sculpture fashioned by your mouth. Noten has given the chewer a creative influence on the end product and the anxiety of being an artist for a few minutes, tapping into the creative child within us and poking fun at our silliness. The finished piece would be delivered to you by post.

It’s inspiring to see how the design becomes a brooch and each has its own personality of the chewer. This project connects the designer’s role and the role given to the audience. Ted shows us a change in thinking. Tackling the problem by preventing it will ever become a problem. He gave the chewing gum a new function.


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