People are getting tired of being perfect. The industrial revolution made it possible to make perfect copies of products. Then we started to demanding perfection of ourselves as well. The sky is the limit, so why can’t we be perfect? But the tide is turning. Imperfection is the new perfection. When you accept the shortcomings or put them to your own set, you are able to turn a ‘mistake’ into a ‘happy accident’. The essence of the trend is, Imperfection and that the process is more important than the result. A process where new shapes are created and mistakes can be made is, in fact, even more important are than ever. Nobody’s perfect, let’s show that.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 17.11.11
A clear example is the Melted Snow Table designed by AA Studio. It all started with the idea of creating an original piece of furniture that would be contemporary, innovative, but most importantly, to be emblematic of everyday life: a table.

It is a product signal of the trend IMPERFECTION because: the shape of the table resembles the shape of a rock formation covered with snow called ‘Babele’ from the Carpathian Mountain. An imperfect design. The emergence of new technologies and new materials with this new casual fashion design, provide imaginative designs.
Another interesting example collection Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom by Bora Hong. She translated the Korean obsession for plastic surgery by transforming chairs into design icons. The booming cosmetic surgery phenomenon in South Korea is an interesting topic when compared to design.

It is a product signal of the trend IMPERFECTION because striving for a perfect appearance inspired her. She noted a parallel with design which creates an ideal of our everyday life: a perfect reality. With her project, Bora Hong wants to enter the discussion about the malleability of appearance and the value of ‘perfect shapes’


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