When you go out for dinner, do you ask for special needs? Do you wanna know exactly what you eat? Nutrition is becoming a requirement. We became critical and want transparency food-wise. We wish to personalize our meal; animal-friendly, vegan, gluten-free. We are demanding a lot in restaurants these days. This is not only about food ingredients but also with the food quality, service and total experience.

Trust is a restaurant in Amsterdam that makes this experiences easier to judge. The focus lies on a totally different level than gluten-free. It’s about creating a good vibe and lasting happiness. Trust is developed by a group of individuals that decided to walk a path that leads to joy. “Come as you are and pay as you feel”. A very approachable and easy-going atmosphere all based on trust in each other. Have an amazing sandwich and good company. When you finished you pay for what you think your dinner was worth. Pay for taste, experience and trust.
Trust has a vision to rely upon source totally. It’s a flow, a unique balance that gives us the strength to let go and jump. Hold on to nothing at all, live in the moment, deeply knowing that all needs will be met at the right time. It’s not about food or coffee. The volunteers are all about finding inner peace and extending love and joy all the time.

“When we sat down to think about what would get us to trust as deeply as possible, it came to mind to have no prices on our menu; ‘pay as you feel’. Give from your heart. It doesn’t have anything to do with a new business concept, or model towards financial gain; as nothing in the world will bring lasting happiness.”


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