Thanks to high-tech and digitalization we are becoming more and more interwoven with technological devices. We have become used to the fact that we are online 24/7. We are constantly in contact with our highly functional but soulless devices. We long for materials and products that excite our sensesI in a binary system-dominated society. Sensitivity and tactility are more important than ever to stimulate our creativity and imagination. This translates into experimental usage of material and playful combinations of colour, textures, smells and taste. We now want to be surprised and stimulated by the things we taste, smell, hear, see and feel.
Sensorial Stimuli is a set of tableware, designed by Jin Hyun Jeon, to stimulate your senses. The cutlery is based on five sensory elements: colour, tactility, temperature, volume and weight and shape. Warm colours such as red and orange are supposed to increase appetite and are most effective when used sparingly. Other pieces are made from stainless steel, silver or plastic, and the various textures and shapes are intended to stimulate the sense of touch inside the mouth.
dezeen_Tableware-as-Sensorial-Stimuli-by-Jinhyun-Jeon_7 dezeen_Tableware-as-Sensorial-Stimuli-by-Jinhyun-Jeon_6sq 







 This product fits the current zeitgeist very del because we eat very often in front of the television or laptop so we hardly pay any attention to what we are eating, let alone focus on what we are tasting. “The tools I created make us focus on each bite, feel the enriched textures or enhanced sounds between bites” the designer says. By stimulating the senses the eating experience is being enriched”.





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