NYC public art installation!

This is a statement to all of us. Especially in cities like New York we rush 24/7. Everything is urgent and needs to get done. But what are things that you REALLY need to do? Sometimes we forget about the things that really matter, like finding love or enjoying life.

Work is changing because our mentality is shifting too. I’m happy that people become more concious and are looking for true happiness. The one that we can’t buy with money or stuff. The one that comes from the inside.

The first installation of Illegal Art’s To Do was on Crosby Street in New York City in May. The project, a number of Post-it notes spread across an unused storefront, encouraged passersby to contribute their to-dos, commands, reminders, or mantras. Illegal Art, a group founded in 2001 seeks to promote and inspire self-reflection, human connection, and conversation through their numerous participatory public art projects.

This artist makes this movement visible and interactive because citizens can write down their own ‘to do’ in an open and transparent way. It makes people think about their own status quo. It’s special that this is the result of a art installation in the city that we all know from Wallstreet…



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