Parfume artist Angelo Orazio Pregoni has a nose for special things. He is set to launch perhaps the most bespoke fragrance ever. Entiteld: Peety.

With ‘Peety’ Pregoni achieves a brilliant solution to the issue which arose simultaneously with mass production and the industrial era: how can art recover its special feature, its magic, if the technology can recreate everything?

Finally the answer is here, thanks to the talent and knowledge of the artist: Peety is always unique, because it can be personalized with 10 drops of urine. (Yes, you did read that correctly) The ultimate customization if you ask me. The personal addition changes the fragrance, some animal notes are fruity and metal-like while the original sensations of amber and tobacco, rose and jasmine, sandalwood and pink pepper, will be enriched.

Peety bottle is 49ml and cost €150,-. A strategic 1ml has been left free at the top to add 10 drops of your own urine to complete the -truly- unique perfume blend. This october available in the Netherlands.

And I am curious, is this the most bespoke perfume imaginable?

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-20 om 19.28.05source


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