Schermafbeelding 2013-02-03 om 14.15.25

Health, durability and safety have always been important values ​​for the leaders of our nation. It is the combination of financial crisis and a growing number of elderly people that the government puts more pressure on us.

This society pressure, has a clear link between ecology, politics and Human Movement. Important for the government is: a healthy population! Which begins with proper food and exercise! Internationally, we are concerned about food security in less developed countries.

We also make demands. By the growing interest in health, sustainability and environmental we demands safe, certified, sustainable products selected by the government. This has to be standard nowadays. The government wants to make it easier for people to develop a healthy lifestyle, for example by education. They will be pleased with the new ad by Nike:

“The Running Counts” ad by Nike hammers home the point that all activity contributes to well being and health.
Sometimes people think they need hours on end in the gym to effect their health in a positive way, so they write off fitness and rationalize that they just don’t have the time. This Running Counts ad aims to defuse this myth about activity by using a plethora of pop culture images and categorizing them as either “counts” or “doesn’t count.”

The final message of the ad is “Life is a sport, the government will agree.



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