A new year has started! 365 new days to reach our ambitious goals we want to accomplish this year. Find a new job, more succes in your lovelife or stop smoking. All familiar and making their comeback every single year. So also the “I-need-to-take-care-of-my-body-and-lose-weight-to-fit-that-nice-summerdress” kind a goal.

Being healty physical an mentally, is a must these days as we look to our aging population. Elderly population isn’t active enough. Daily exercise can greatly increase balance, strength and independence. They prefer something easy, sophisticated and most of all something that shows results! A great initative is the Flourish. Each of these weights mimics the growth of a living plant in order to provide positive visual feedback for the person using the weights. The more these weights are used, the more they grow.

By using muscles the weights “grow” and turn vibrant, healthy green shades of green. As they are used more frequently they slowly change shape and color reflecting the health of the user. Designer Brad Mitchell notes that “By utilizing the elderly’s instinctive ability to nurture, they will have an unconscious urge to take-care of their hand-weights, and in turn, take-care of themselves.” A perfect product to keep our population going, the medical costs low and our technological capabilities high!

And at the end, after years of parenting, the elderly have an instinctive urge to nurture…

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-13 om 18.06.52

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-13 om 18.07.31

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-13 om 18.07.11

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-13 om 18.07.42



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