Dogs and cats are more loved than ever. I see them everywhere. Not illustrated as just a pet but as an important member of a family, a close friend who we really love.

These furry buddies are more often ‘front row’ in peoples lifes. Sometimes even above human interaction. TV shows like Cecar Milan that are suddently immensely popular, all about finding a balanced life for you and your pet.  Also designers, like Karl Lagerfelt, appearing increasingly with their little pupil in the picture. Why is that?

we all know the “handbag-accessoire-pet story” by know. That is not what this case is about. Animals like dogs and cats are important to us because we seek for security, custody and loyalty. Different disappointments play a role in this grown love for pets. Trust is harmed in topics as humanity, economy and environment. A piece of trust is gone and we can no longer find it in each other. We strongly desire for true love thesedays, something these hairy friends can give us.

No judging role, pure physical presence which is enough for us to feel good and appreciated. Cuddling and huging this four-legged creatures and embrace ourselves with this warmth and honesty. Maybe an extension of your own identity. Like this cat got the same tattoo as his owner….

Images: wool, dog, cat

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