Design brings new working methods and materials in the world every single time. We are always surprised by, new technologies that resulting in spectacular objects. I’m thinking of the 3D printer, Nano technology etc.

Secretly, we do know that “technology-part” by now. What did surprise me incredibly was to see materials simplify within “design” at a Living exhibition in Amsterdam. New, upcoming and already familiar brands used all as main material rope. Rope? Yes using rope that lead to stunning design! Material which existed for centuries and mainly functioned because of practical consideration. Now I see it more and more appear in the impressive and complicated world of design.

We return to the simplification of materials and techniques and still remain innovative and refreshing. A swipe against that booming 3d printer maybe?

The funny, custom made lamps of dutch young brand Fraai Werk, 80% made out of rope.

Embroidered carpet from onlineshop vloerkledenwinkel.nl. Rough and renewing embroidery technique leading to a fantastic effect.

Create stunning patterns on the wall through tie rope around nails.
Simple, innovative and custom made from Mo Man Tai Design.

Photos: private images.


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