Cities grow increasingly. That means, opportunities for nature are minimized. Besides the weeds between the sidewalk, there is limited room for green. We now creating green at places we previously didn’t  imagined.

It was a great inspiration for gardening last year and will continue in 2013: vertical gardening is the answer to lack of space in a built-up world. The phenomenon was invented by a Frenchman that this was inspired by plants from the rainforest and waterfalls.

At  a living exhibition in Amsterdam I saw this green initiative back again. In organized and less organized sizes, luxury version and simple version. Give it your own way to respond to overcrowding. I am glad to see this at consumerlevel too (not only at companies and businesslevel)

Green stays important. It gives us a peacefull feeling so we hold on to it. In a new, upward way!

Private images.


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