Pastels, they feel creamy like fresh ice cream. We know them as, dreamy, soft and pleasing colors.  Pastel colors have taken the streets, again. Only they have witnessed an evolution, we use them now in contrast…

In the 1950s pastel colours broke with all previous traditions and left the darkness of World War II behind. These colours expressed the optimism for America’s new prosperity. Fifties kitchens featured pastel colors such as mint green, pale yellow and flamingo pink. Pastels were also the favourite colours for everyday overall looks, especially for younger women. Peaches and cream were the basic colours of any Fifties make-up look.

Pastels gives a pleasant feeling, comfortable to wear and to experience. Modern pastels range from pale pink to dusty orange and dull green. These are now combined with dissonant colors. That means, combining colors that doesn’t fit together harmoniously. Such as dark yellow, rusty brown, caramel, copper or other black and blue tones. So we use pastel in an edgy way. This new added “dissoant color” is hard, foreful, rough and dark. Why we combine them like this?

We do experience a dark time thesedays. Better known as financial crisis, only we can’t stand that word anymore. We don’t let us be fooled again and seek for optimism, just like the fifties. Pastels integrate into lifestyles because they express that dreamy, soft and happiness feeling. Now using with a twist that translate the current mentality.

This egdy addition is there to make a statement. In order to create a contrast between the recent (negative) period and where we want to go to. We go for optimism and want a new start, a period that makes us happy and independent!

fifties pastel kitchen with a model wearing though, dark leather pastel glasses, glass is another cold and hard material.

pastels and dark tones added together in appearance and interior – new forcefull look on models wearing pastels creates contrast

Pastel plates with huge spider completes the egdy contrast – model lookes fearless and hard, but her clothes are soft, almost cute

images: source and private images



  1. Nice story! Recently been researching around for a long time for some-thing the same as this method. Wherein did you find the points through? Would you place a handful more resources for additional researching.

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