Last week I visit the “Woonbeurs Amsterdam”, brilliant and inspiring Living exhibition for consumers. What I saw was a new, creative expression. Thesedays our journey takes unexpected turns, trends are everywhere. Boundaries are fading in fashion, living, music, art, technology. Nothing is too crazy, possibilities are endless and everythings blending.

But I do understand, that becomes confusing! People have neediness for understandability and patterns. What happened where and how come, is a question that make sense. So, to my surprise, I noticed lots of Evidence Walls…. whats kind of walls? Yes, exactly Evidence Walls! In the complex world of forecasting(trendwatching) the Evidence Wall keeps track gathered along the way for review and analysis. A crucial part to see connections between images and articles.

Brands on this exhibition work with these method, to explain and frame findings for consumers. to express there identity, worklevel and interests. But the most unique factor is to see the overall, clearly in one view.

photos: private images.


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