On my holidaytrip I red about an extraordinary public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s, NYC. The first section of this amazing initiative opened on June 2009.  It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line.  Their unique goal was to transform the entire historic structure and essential piece of New York’s industrial past. It’s increasing the value of the city by matching important developments as sustainability, authenticity and experiences economy!

The core is a walk on “high level”. The panoramic view is 9 meters high and offers a chill-out moment above the crowded city. This is a new way of city beautification and gives the big metropolis a new experience for tourists and local residents attended.Former concrete jungle provides now an important green eyecatcher what will be a symbol of the city. People enjoy the green walk with beautiful views of the city and river. Looking over the rooftops of the old warehouses and to New Jersey on the other side of the river, gives the visitors an experience what only the drivers of the freight trains used to saw with their cargo with their cargo along the western shore of Manhattan reason.

Next to that, this concept is different than La Promenade Planteé in Paris. The planting concept for The High Line is inspired by the overgrowth of old train tracks. The original vegetation is partly preserved, but also added plants from American landscapes, like the prairie. It brings great diversity and authenticity flora in the city, but it also attracts many insects and birds. It’s about a neglected piece of history that is innovated in an impressive and sustainable way.

The High Line lifts New York to a higher level, literally…

“If we built it, they will come.” the Friends of High Line



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