A Fast Food concept which isn’t fat! They take the guesswork our of eating healthy by offering a completely guilt-free, fail-proof menu. There are no hidden temptations, no hidden caliries and, the best of all, no regreets. Everything onn the meu is grilled, baked or steamed, never fried and always under 500 calories! Plus, all of their beverages are lov calorie, the dressings fatfree and all meals as delicitous as they are health. there store looks like a fastfood chain but they are serving nothing beyond 500 calories. So no worries and you can feel good about eating it.

This is one of the more upcoming brands that’s responding to this “lifestyle combination change”. Stress rushing, racing, lack of time.. all familiar emotions that everyone feels these days. We live in a Stress Society. But next tot hat “unhealthy” lifestyle we are suddenly aware of healthy food. At each corner we see stores promoting with organic or fairtrade fresh products. But it is generally known that we have, through our busy lifestyle, little time to eat. And to make it a step more difficult, we are also more choosier than we used to be.

We want more diversity, prive is an imparton aspect, it must be easy to prepare and easy to eat. And perhaps most importantly it should all be healthier. Health is becoming an important value. So are simplicity, independence and flexibilty. Slow food companies should therefore not only more responsive to the “slow food eaters”, but they must also have something to offer for the “fast food eater”. Flexibillity in food is becoming more and more important. Companies need to offer alternative products for both eathers.  We need healthier food that fits our tizzy lifestyle.




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