We are all familiar with adding an experience to product and concepts, experience economy. But are we also familiar with new innovations around packaging? Would you drink a juice box and then eat the box?  Just picture yourself having your apple juice within an apple shell or your yogurt within a shell made of cereals. Within one to two years you will be able to eat your packaging! Food is not just food any more, the total concept is intensely developing. Not only eating packaging is hot topic also new textures, shapes, and materials are design to inspire and tickle consumers to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Packaging is mostly used as a functional and protecting way for all kind of product. But it is now certain that you can use packaging in many different ways! It is now increasingly seen as an important part of the product. It allows a brand or company to be different and to drop a statement. The examples from Sunrise pacakaging Blog are proving that it’s not something we see everyday, it’s new and exciting, our curiosity wants to see more.  The packaging is such a huge part of marketing, because products are so similar and the packaging could be the slight differentiation from the competition. They can be stronger than the taste or smell of the product, in some cases the packaging is the total experience.

When I analyze the eating part of packaging, there are some challenges about hygiene, this might be the future of food: no more waste, a new eating experience, and several combinations of different textures and flavors possible. An idea that combines 2 key values for consumers when it comes to food: sustainability and experience. So are you ready to rethink your packaging made of paper and plastic and include organic materials?

images to get you in the mood and to inspire:
Funny and different

Make sure no one eats your lunch again!

source 1
soucre 2


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