Swedish architecture firm Jagnefalt milton has been awarded third prize for ‘a rolling master plan’, their proposed development for the idea competition of the city Åndalsnes in norway. He introduced a new form of mobile infrastructure that make buildings can roll back and forth on tracks. For the city Åndalsnes this concept is certainly worth considering. the entire railway bordering of the city is already there. It is easier and cheaper to build buildings on existing rail lines than to break the track down, and built on the regular ground again. And next to that, freedom and flexibility are 2 terms that are important for an Urban Nomad.

The design take advantage of new and existing train tracks to create a diverse system where buildings roll through the city on rails. This brings opportunities to reorganize the needs of the urban nomad in relation to the urban space. The mobile flexibility allows the city to adjust for uses such as concerts, festivals, markets, and seasonal changes.


It is an interesting sign if we can use our miles long railways surrounding our metropolisess to live our life and move around and save space. Ofcourse, I realise to make this happening globally, is not the most realistic idea for now. But after all I think it is a perfectly nomadic design. The main problem it can’t be done globally, is overpopulation. This creates static, full and crowded cities. But Scandinavia has not yet, an out of control overcrowded, problem like Tokyo and Hong Kong. This creates opportunities for other city to refurbishment, and so create wanted and flexible cities. So maybe a part of our urban nomads will live in a ‘city of motion’ and go rolling through life..

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