In my previous post I wrote about The insect cookbook. And it became clear that the dutch people should be more open about this crazylicious food. Because it is a great alternative for meat, currently a hot topic, is also saying economist Herman Wijffels. Research showed us that Asia is a part of the world where is has been fully accepted and intergraded. But we, europe, need to keep up and should the next move!

Leave that for a moment… A few days ago  I was in Knokke, Belgium. And on different menus I spotted white strawberries, also known as Pineberry! I will be honest, my alarm bells went off immediately. You know that feeling that your mother teached you when you was young? “if you ever see a frog with very strange colours, it’s toxic!”. Well, I just grabbed myself together and ordered some pineberries. (surprisingly tasty)

Then I remembered a subject which released a great deal of discussion. To remove the perfectionistic growth of the cucumber which means that curved cucumbers are allowed again. Straight cucumbers are practically easy to transport and packaging. Oddly shaped food is now often disposed or processed because it has not that ‘perfect’ look. To bad, agrees Fooddesigner Katja Gruijters.


It appears like those are three different examples but they do have a match. They are strange and new initiatives, something we do not know yet. The overall view is at first that we are aware of food issues in the world and consequently start looking for alternatives. This means that we as human beings often will be put to the test. Challenges that we let go of the familiar part. Partly or totally. This requires a new mindset, because we need to getting used to new introductions and productions of alternative food. However I ask you, personally, to open up. Time to give it a second chance?


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