A beetle lollipop and many different flavors of grasshoppers to dip in chocolate… For most Dutch people it is not a daily routine to eat. But eighty percent of the world eats insects as a delicacy.

This crazylicious food is not only tasty and used in varied recipes in the kitchen, they are also full of protein. An important side effect is that the breeding of insects is much more durable than the production of meat.

In the Netherlands you can now purchase grasshoppers, mealworms and buffalo worms for culinary use. But there was not yet an real Insect Cookbook. The Insect cookbook contains delicious recipes also plenty of facts and interviews with chefs, growers and nutritionists. It tells where you can buy insects, informs you which one you can eat, and how they must get prepared.

So we now know eating insects is not only exciting and healthy but almost unavoidable. The way we currently produce meat and other foods, is the biggest obstacle to our sustainable society. So this book of crazylicious new “friends” is a big step to introduce a new, needed way of food.

Never before we have been so aware of the unappetizing truth about food and how closed the food industry is. We knew only very little information about our food but these days it becomes more and more clear. Whether it comes to animal cruelty, dangerous ingredients, or lack of hygiene there is nothing to hide because the world wants to know everything. Last but not least, if we compared the ugly truth about our daily food with this book, is eating insects actually nothing special, dont you think?

Available in bookstore since april 17th 2012.
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