Polish firm H3AR recently created ‘instant house’ for an international student competition in milan. the theme of the contest was “that of a temporary residential mini unit, linked to the presence of young people with high levels of territorial mobility connected to particular metropolitan events.” This concept includes concrete cylinders, made from styrofoam concrete. A material which has perfect acoustics and insulation and is even twelve times lighter than normal concrete.

These days people can do almost whatever they like to do at the certain time and place they want. Shopping, stuying, sleeping, cooking. Only concerns living this remained difficult. I you wanted to take your home with you, you needed to visit hotels, camping in tents or simply move to anther house! In the future this is going to change! It will be possible to pick your up house and move it to another place. Really? Yes! But next to that cool flashing news, this property also provided solar energy and very eco responsible what makes it even more attractive.

The shape of this house is still in developing. It is a ‘fairaware’ constructure that is easily transportable, but nowadays we all care a lot about outward show of things. I can imagine that this concept will be embroidering and finally getting more and more attractive. Although I must say that compared to a tent it is already a phenomenal improvement.


I think in the future people get more and more attachted to their own home. they will increasingly value their own house. Especially when rooms are multifunctional designed. That is why I think it is quite possible that in future more and more mobile instant homes will be designed.  Because if you have to be honest and compared this with a tent…  isn’t tis already a phenomenal improvement, what do you think?



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