Today I walked through a Dutch “Do It Yourself” store. And next to the counter I saw a striking presentation. A store display with a large picture saying: “Green Kids“. All kind of product to buy specially made for children. These small scale products varies from gardening tools to own mini vegetable gardens. After online research about this “brand” I find out Green Kids is a beginning mediaplatform for children in order to show how important nature is. (starting April 2th.)

Children like to play, nothing new. But with the thought “I do want to live ‘greener’, but I can use a little help” fit this example more for the people in charge, indead the parent. Why? We must not forget that they buy this for their children. Mostely parents encourage their children in an enthusiastic and fun way to become wiser with healthy and fair food. Quite creative to have an own vegetables garden when you’re 8 years old. Consciousness idea with impacting results like eating you’re own herbs and fruits. But I also believe it is all about parents inner feeling that let them feel good about doing something for our planet. Probably they are thinking about a healthy way to live your life and the kids can finish that thought. Seeing how well the little ones doing it and getting real results in there mini garden, will let them feel automatically involved and let them feel good about themselves, their decision and making a difference.

I took some fast pictures from my source with my own Blackberry to give u a impression.
DIY Store


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