Waterpebble (£7,99) is a little product designed to help you reduce your water usage for simple daily tasks such as brushing your teeth or having a shower. You can find Pebble on the spot were you can sparing water… right in the shower near the plughole! Take a shower as normal and lights will flash green, amber and red as Waterpebble memorises your shower.

So place it in your sink or shower and it indicates how much water goes down the plug hole. Each time you take a shower, Waterpebble lights up to indicate: Green is start, Amber is you’re halfway through and Red means time to stop.

Water Pebble is a world’s first. “I was inspired by a sign in a hotel bathroom to, ‘Please Use Water Sparingly” said Paul Priestman a director of design company Priestmangood. So he started developing the concept on his return home.

It’s all about awareness and confrontation every time you take a shower or using water. Because of this awareness you finally using less water and live more sustainable. It tries to change your lifestyle and adapt it to a new one. You are not dependent on an automatic adjustment in your house that just stops the water when you’re using to much and it’s enough…. no, you become aware of water use. Pebble just helping you get familiar and put you in the right direction.

This fits also with the studies and opinion of Alex Steffen that living “greener” has to became mentally in peoples heads, it has to became a lifestyle. “It’s not about the leaves on top, it’s about the system below.” He said that on world scale, but you can also apply it on your own life. It is not joining a hype but do it visible and continue. Let it integrate in your life.



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