Sure, collecting model cars isn’t that unusual to do as a hobby these days, but where are the scrapes, bumps, scratches, and rust that give real-world rides their character? Look no further, you can find them in Classic Wrecks ($40-$70). These 1/24 scale models have handcrafted details like broken windows, rusted and missing parts, and the feel of something that wasn’t just put on a pedestal, but driven — hard — for years and years before being left outside to rot. Perfect for your junkyard.

My little cousin(8) used to say always that toycars were much stronger than real ones. “You could drop them from 10 meters height and nothing happened! Well if you try that with a real car… see what happen than!” so he said full of confidence. Cars are men toys, big or small, men actually love them.

This gadget suits ‘cool men’ because it has its own twist. It makes collecting and building toy cars just different, newer and more fun. It provides opportunities for a new state of mind. Namely perfect for the man who always dreamed about having his own collection to keep on the attic. Youth sentiment or retreat after a hard day of work. Nostalgic, authenticity and eye for detail are important values now because these cars represent lived characters. Esthetic from a different angle.


isn’t it a beauty?!


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