When a product describes itself as “minimal”, it tends to have a very straightforward design — but in the case of the Outlier Minimal Backpack, the name “minimal” fits better than ever to this product. Brooklyn based clothing company Outlier have designed this incredibly durable, lightweight and waterproof Minimal Backpack. Why I think this is unlike other? Becaus it is all about the choice of material – the expensive, non woven dyneema. it’s 10x stronger than steel and also light enough to float on water.

Sustainability and conscious life are played a major role in designing this gadget. It’s definitely reflected in the conscious and well informed choice of the material. But next to that it’s no longer silly or weird to carrie a backpack. On highschool you were get considered as a geek, a nobody. You had to explain to your mum that you wanted an other bag because this one was not “cool and tough”.

We are leaving those time behind us, because carying a bagpack especially one like these is really fashionable and okay now. Also the fashionindustry and catwalk confirm this. Once reserved for school children and tourists, the trusty backpack is making its come back as the bag du jour. Alexander Wang showed us that perfectly.

Before I forget, there is another important flashing item in the roll top backpack. This “thing” can be packed down to fit into a jacket pocket! Available in white, the Minimal Backpack($130) could certainly be used on a daily basis, and would no doubt be a worthy, lasting investment. It doesn’t look too bad either.. don’t you think?

“Nonwoven Dyneema is an insanely expensive material. It’s also extremely difficult to sew, so producing a simple yet highly functional design is crucial to making this stuff work.” so Outlier says.

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