Last week i was reading a fashion magazine and spotted Doutzen Kroes with funky sneakers. I know, that’s not outstanding! But after that I was sniffing around at a fashionblog and guess what…. I saw the same sneaker by Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum! I was wondering why all of theys supermodels wearing those sneakers so often, and still looking so good? I discover the secret of these Yummy Mummy’s. These suede sneakers hide a concealed heel that measures 50mm/ 2 inches! Designer of these original items is the france Isabel Marant.

Over the weekend supermodels like Doutzen want to wear something casual and maybe even… comfortable! Relaxing, being with her child, enjoying a day off. But living the lifestyle of a yummy mummy is not so casual. Looking good, making carrier and next to that rising a baby is what its all about. Comes very close to a power woman if you ask me. That’s why these sneakers will fit perfect to the profile of a Yummy Mummy. Prices vary from $450 till $800. So not every single women will buy them, perfect for a Yummy Mummy!

We, women of these world, are all familiar with wearing high heels and feel feminine, elegant and sexy. But for these Yummy mummy’s is next to that powerfull appearance and carreer… a cute, little baby. Stroll around the city and can say that they are just feeling 100% mum in these sneakers. (because of the that concealed heel there famous and elegant walk will stay!)

soucre: #1 #2


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