Every single year I visite the Woonbeurs RAI Amsterdam to see brilliants things what has to do with interior development. Also this year I was Inspired by al the splented creations.

The ultimate one that did stand out was EH&I. Why? Eigen Huis & Interieur is allready a big fish in the interior industry. And they design every year gorgeous interiors while the exhibition. EH&I makes a “model home” with the hottest furniture, trendy colors and new materials for the comming year. But not this year! And that’s very surprising! Last September they made a pavilion instead of a luxurious, decorated home. Architect Jelle Hekstra had the honor to design this inspiring hotspot in the, so called, Top Design  Zone. “I had once a vision of a long train in my head, and Jelle has tried to design this vision” so said Mary Hessing editor in chief EH&I.

This pavilion is a 3D version and a true reflecting of the magazine. Different rooms inside of the pavilion show the experience of a few published articles and the production. It is Experience Economy because they give the already refreshing (interior) images and articles of the latest October magazine a new twist. They made a 3D interpretation. One of the images is shown a livingroom and they placed a real diningtable in front of the picture. Because of this add there is suddenly more life, openness and space in this already amazing image. The idea behind this image is so much better to understand, especially it feels greater to watch! This design from Jelle Hekstra is a different perspective than EH&I normally has, because usually the style from EH&I is nothing more than styling the newest furniture and matching accessoires, from head to toe! They also used bright neon colors and straight lines to encourage the experience while you’re walking in this sparkling world.

Last but not least, they also added for the first time catering in there palace of inspirition. Which was an experience on it’s one! Fresh made coffee and crunchy bread was sniffing up to your nose when you walked through! A kind of rough and tough looking lunchroom.

Source #1
Source #2

While you watch this video, Mary Hessing and Jelle Hekstra guide you through the pavilion and explaning their design – watch from 2.08 minutes


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