Have u ever heard of a popular Parking? Exactly me neither! Untill I heard about Chicago’s airport O’Hare Parking. This parking works with a “Floor Reminder System”. It is designed to solve al recognizable problem! This Parking is previously patented by Musical Theme Floor Reminder System, which is used in multi-level parkings to help people remember where on earth they parked there car.

It’s all about visual experience. Each level’s elevator plays a different song consistent with the “theme” that has been chosen for that specific parking facility (such as famous Broadway musicals or in this case Chigaco’s local favorite sportclubs) As a visual reinforcement they use big “theme” images through the whole parkinglevel. So each parkinglevel has a different sportclub with the the associated sporttune or song and icons, so the popular Bulls on one layer and the crazy White Sox on the other etc.

This is for many people an all day activity which caused enough frustration. Through this way, you get people out of their daily routine. You’ll reach them unconscious with music and recognizable image. Memorable experience because once they return to the parking garage they will remember the music and images directly and link it to their cars. All day problem in a pleasant, funny and functional way solved, with the goal to  helping customers recall where they left their cars. Fantastic! (if u ask me)



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