Twitter came up with something new. What? Tweet Speaker!
This innovative idea ($2,99 App Store) reads your favorite topics by allowing you tap a play button and have your tweets read out to you automatically. Seems like a simple concept, and it is. With this funny App you enjoy Twitter while you are stuck in traffic, on a walk, cleaning in the kitchen, following a boring school college, or on the go. Tweet Speaker lets you listen to news, sports, humor, and the musings of interesting people on Twitter – a sort of live podcast of your Tweets.

First it is easy to use, the layout is okay and easy to understand. Inclusive voice, play and Airplay controls at the bottom. Also a ‘radio dial’ for your timeline just above it and your Tweet stream just above that.

This it not an normal voice speaking you’re words he can “read”. No, this Tweet Speaker is fully integrated and fumiliar with Twitter-language. It understands Twitter jargon and will say things like “re-tweet” and “hashtag”. It will also dip into your links and read the title of the link to you rather than rattling off the URL. I thought that listening to your tweets might not sound practical or like something that is a ‘must have’ for you at first. But i read a lot of reviews, and it looks like it is a succes. All those people confirm that they where pleasantly surprised by how good it looked. By this little desk reasearch it turns out that people actually more addicted to listening to tweets than they ever thought they would be. We are living in this “Instant Gratification culture”. Requirements that are immediately satisfied. This App is feeding this need. That is why i think i will be a succes. And yes, they have more voices coming.

We are all familiar with Twitter. And it is one of the most outstanding and populair innovations made possible by web 2.0. This Tweet Speaker is responding to this need and works perfectly together with -the all known- Twitter.

Tweet Speaker – Listen to Twitter from App Cubby on Vimeo.

bron: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/10/07/tweetspeaker-is-a-crazy-beautiful-twitter-client-that-reads-your-tweets-to-you/


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