This concept brings a new way of thinking in healthcare, a new step to 2.0. And money is no more that most important thing, it is all about helping each other!
On this new platform, you can ask for help but also give and offering help to someone else. This could involve transport to the hospital or going to the grocery for someone with a broken leg. If you need help, then you can choose who you are going to aks. Would you get help from your family and friends or just people in your neighborhood. This could be a question in different situations. Some appointments with your doctor are very personal and uncomfortable others are maybe no big deal. So this idea offers the possibility to find help special for your needs at that moment.

The same way when you offer you help for someone. Some people want to offer help because they have free time, are retired or simply want to help all can register for Caire. If “the helping hand” did a great, amazing or just thankfull job, the patient is able to reward this by giving stars, which created trust for others who need help on Caire. By collecting stars the helper earns credits. You can hand in these stars can for various discounts, healthproducts, or return it when you need help.

It is proven in this concept that people are simply willing and able to help without having any reward for it (maybe a little star). They only need to know that their neighbor needed help with the groceries, or going to the doctor but can’t go alone. This problem is solved to make a map what offers a views from every problem and helper in Holland. There is no obligation both teams want to get help or give help to the other.  No more difficult or awkward moments. Patient and helper are doing this voluntary, and maybe for only one time, or maybe to help every week. There is no contract, but simply another way to provide a service. This is deffinetly made possible by web 2.0. This technique creates an online map and database with all the people that need help and offer help. You can communicate, arrange, socialize and react through this platform. Also available for your smartphone!

Care is in the Air.

source http://www.caire.nu


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