Daytipper.com thinks that every one of us is an expert on something. Chances are, hard work, or blind luck, you have learned something practical. And they describe it funny as: “Something that has helped make your life a little easier, or it saved you time, or saved you money, Maybe it saved your marriage or maybe your life”.

And when you think “others should benefit from this.” you can edit your tip (many different catogries) on Daytipper.com and earn money with it. If they like your tip you get $3. But daytipper.com offers also cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50 to the top three tip authors with the most popular and useful tips in a given month.


First it is an useful site with a large and wide search area because of the different categories and subjects. In all those categories and topics you can help each other. People increasingly seek help and answers by the Internet. For example people post and suggest all day on forums seeking for answers. Communicate with people with the same problems. This website offers various solutions in one view.

Daytipper.com is a website where you can find tips that will be useful for many people, it proves a social service and last but not least if you’re good and original you earn also a nice pocket money with it.

Source: http://www.daytipper.com


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